Alignment of Interests

  • Co-investment

    We eat our own cooking. Why would we put your money in something if we don’t feel comfortable putting our own money into it?

  • Transparency

    Trust is built on honesty – about our fees, our performance, our philosophy, our value-add, our opinions; you name it, we’ll discuss it.

  • Focus

    Excellence requires focus. We provide one service – financial and investment advice. We don’t have any other products or services to sell you.

  • Independence

    Our firm is owned by its principals. We don’t answer to bureaucratic managers or outside shareholders. We only answer to our clients and our community.

  • Fee Arrangement

    We charge our clients a fixed percentage of their account value. We receive no commissions or kickbacks and we have no incentive to recommend one investment over another.

Disciplined Investment Approach

  • Low Cost

    We strive to be a low-cost advisor in our marketplace, when looking at either our advisory fees or the total expenses of our clients’ portfolios.

  • Research

    We base all our decisions on rigorous research we conduct ourselves. We have found the best investments are made based on quantified evaluation of businesses.

  • Long-Term

    We believe in taking a long term view when investing rather than trying to time the market’s movements.